Ready meals and Airline Catering

Achieve a well designed ready meal or in-flight catering manufacturing facility that delivers the required performance – and with the right careful design and processes, could even create additional product revenue streams increasing profits and efficiency.

With so much at stake, don’t settle for less than a project management team that understands the unique challenges of airline food production facilities. IFS manage all aspects of airline food facility design, construction & operations, designing to:

  • BRC
  • ISO 22000 – Food Safety Certification
  • World Food Safety Guidelines (WFSG) – Airline Catering

Design and project manager for Emirates Flight Catering “FoodPoint” and others

IFS has already managed major food production projects in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. We also regularly undertake ad hoc troubleshooting for airline food companies and other ready meal packaging processes. For large and small projects alike, IFS know what airline food companies expect and we can deliver it. Contact us for more information about how we’ll take complex problems away from you, help you maximise revenue and build your reputation in this competitive business.

Practical Project Management experience for leading In-Flight Caterers

Project management for airline food processing facilities and other ready meal production is very challenging. The finished food production facility must be able to make tens of thousands of packaged meals to strict specifications, tightly controlled costs, and consistent quality. Success demands fast, efficient processes that can deliver high volume output around the clock.

Saving you time, building your business and enhancing your reputation

We’re more than consultants; we are experts in the integration of food operations, building standards and legislative compliance – a dedicated team of project managers and functional design specialists.

If it involves food, we can help.