How We Work for You

No matter what your specialist construction project requires, our dedicated, highly-skilled team will work with you to design, build or install, and then assist you to establish your operational systems and procedures.

Food Process Design and More

We’re not ‘food manufacturing consultants’, architects or factory builders. We’re chartered engineers, practical project managers, food experts and food processing plant design specialists with previous clients like Emirates Flight Catering in Dubai, Memory Lane Cakes in Cardiff and Continental Fine Foods in Manchester.

What sets us apart is how we get actively involved in your project and take responsibility for delivering results.

Taking responsibility at all stages of food plant design

Whether we’re handling plant design and layout or solving process problems, our business is successful because we take responsibility for our actions and their results. At all stages, we put emphasis on practical involvement, confidentiality and personal attention to details.

Skilful planning and coordination [by IFS] has ensured that the refurbishment project has been carried out efficiently and with minimal disruption to factory operation.  Your excellent communication practices enabled you to establish the necessary rapport with all departments
Paul Mitchell

Operations Director, Memory Lane Cakes

Saving you time, building your business and enhancing your reputation

We’re more than consultants; we are experts in the integration of food operations, building standards and legislative compliance – a dedicated team of project managers and functional design specialists.

If it involves food, we can help.